Welcome to the Old Bluff Theatre!

Old Bluff Theatre Co. proudly calls Clinton, North Carolina, home. We provide quality, engaging theatre to the people of Sampson County.

We don’t believe in “art for art’s sake.” We aim to enrich our community through developing cooperative partnerships, selecting shows that expand the palate of theatrical taste, and providing quality performances that showcase the talents of local artists.

All art, not just theatre, serves society.¬† At the very least, art is a diversion from everyday concerns. At its very best, art bears witness to the complexity and beauty of the human soul. It also serves as an outlet for creative energies that are too often frustrated by our daily jobs. Art creates value, both real and perceived, by satisfying the audience’s need to connect to each other and a business’s need to connect to an audience.

However art may speak to you, we invite you to support the arts. Audition or become a volunteer for an Old Bluff show. Become a Patron of our season’s shows. Sponsor a show through your business. We thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you at the show!

Lucy Lockamy, Artistic Director